Saturday, June 20, 2009

Letter to my Unborn Child

With a new iPhone came the ability to put my entire library on it. Earlier today, I was rediscovering my music while in bed, and came across Tupac's "Letter to my Unborn Child." I don't need to remind you how profound a song that is. It got me thinking.

Many of us are at points in our lives where children are not far off, or are here and still young. With the many changes that have happened in our world over the past two years, what lessons and values do you hope to instill in your children? What tools do you want to give them to help them on their paths to greatness?

My father always said. "Justin, no one ever wrote a book on how to be a parent." Not quite true, BUT I get his point. Everyone is going to parent differently. What lessons do you have in mind? If you have any opinions on this, or thoughts for your child, please share.

I'll start...

Many ask what the purpose of life is. From what I have learned in my time here, our purpose is to provide a better life for our kin, and do what is necessary to make the world better. When it comes to what we do in life, true happiness comes from finding something that motivates you besides the want or need of money. A close relationship with God helps as the discovery of your purpose, or what motivates you, is a path that you must walk with Him.. not something that happens overnight. We are a product of our experiences. As such, you should never turn down opportunities, regardless of their ease or difficulty. You never know how it will affect you, the ideas it will help you generate, the paths they may set you on.

Music is a universal language. Feeling and culture are gleamed through music. Most importantly, music connects experiences. No matter what you go through in life, someone else has been there before. Life problems are unique to your situation, but unique to you. For me, music serves as a constant reminder that someone else has been there before. While it does not offer solutions, you should push forward knowing that difficult feelings, or situations, are a part of life, and can be overcome.

Remember your family. They will always be in your corner. Make sure you raise a family that does the same. Ensure that you and your children are always true to your family, because if everyone else is against you, they have to have the trust and confidence in you to take your side. It shouldn't even be a question. It is a blessed feeling to know that there are people behind you in all that you do. You have to make sure you are behind people in the same way. The day I moved out of the house, and left for college, my father embraced me and said, "You are leaving us today, but you will never walk alone." Neither will you.

Identity - what is right
Always stand up for what is right. Be steady. Know what you believe and don't compromise. You can always listen to the views of others, and incorporate new perspectives into your own beliefs, however, when it comes to making decisions, your core values must guide you. It takes time to know who you are and what you believe. You will know when you know yourself. You will begin aligning yourself with what you stand for. It will be apparent to others in your words and your actions.

Friends and Relationships
As you grow and learn who you are, the people you associate yourself with will have an impact on who you become, just as you will have an impact on who they become. Be sure to associate with people who have similar values. Be considerate of those who have beliefs that differ from yours. You do not have to agree in order to understand. Everyone is different. Some tend to bring people down while others tend to lift up. Understand this as you meet and interact with people. Put the right people in your corner, and move forward.

Anything is Possible
I have lived to see days that I never thought would come in my lifetime. I grew up hearing people say that I could be whatever I wanted to be. I heard the words, but do not think I truly believed them. I am here to tell you that anything IS possible. I have seen what I thought to be impossible happen. It leads me to believe that we define what is impossible. History will show that all we ever do is prove ourselves wrong. Don't let anyone ever tell you that you can't do something that drives you. If they do, prove them wrong.


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